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Ms.Mallory's Nature Class: Sea Turtles - - KUSI


(KUSI) – Across the world, sea turtles are swallowing bits of plastic in the ocean and often dying as a result.

There are many theories about why sea turtles and other marine animals ingest plastic. Some people have long speculated that they mistake it for food due to its appearance — for instance, turtles will eat a plastic bag that looks like a jellyfish

It makes sense that sea turtles could confuse clear bags for jellyfish and bits of green rope for seagrass, but it doesn’t explain the countless other bits of plastic found in turtles’ stomachs when examined.

Ms.Mallory Lindsay joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss sea turtles and how and why they swallow plastic in the ocean.

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August 10, 2020 at 03:26AM

Ms.Mallory's Nature Class: Sea Turtles - - KUSI



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