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Sea Turtle Inc. enters final phase of 2020 Capital Campaign - Monitor


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — From helping injured and sick sea turtles to assisting in conservation efforts and educating the public, this local nonprofit operates daily with the goal of helping improve the marine environment.

Sea Turtle, Inc. announced on Monday that the facility is in the final phase of its 2020 Capital Campaign.

“Sea turtles maintain the health of our oceans, making them more resilient to future threats,” the facility’s campaign states. “Currently, our organization has an urgent need for improved clinic facilities.”

According to Sea Turtle Inc.’s website, in 2019, personnel released 85 rehabilitated sea turtles and hosted more than 198,000 visitors in the facility.

“Our hospital facilities are inadequate for the growing number of injured turtles. Furthermore, public viewing areas are terribly overcrowded,” the campaign states. “Your support and contributions enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for our sea turtles and oceans.”

The total estimated cost for the facility’s renovation is $1.6 million.

According to the campaign, an upgrade to the existing facility would include the construction of a full-intensive care unit and vet clinic.

“The clinic will be equipped with X-ray facilities, a surgical unit and climate-controlled medical storage areas,” the campaign states. “This will lower stress levels of our turtle patients and improve their rate of recovery.”

Additionally, the campaign would help create a permanent dormitory for interns.

Each year, around eight interns assist Sea Turtle Inc. with daily operations from education to patrolling the beaches of South Padre Island and Boca Chica.

According to the campaign, the interns are currently housed in leased apartments in an off-site location due to a lack of any type of living quarters at the facility.

“The interns come from all over the world to learn about sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation,” the campaign states. “A permanent dormitory for the interns would improve their living conditions during their stay, keep them safe in the event of severe weather and save the organization money on rent and utilities in the long run.”

“Through our expanded facility at South Padre Island, we can realize our vision to be a world leader in sea turtle recovery, education and conservation of sea turtle populations worldwide,” the campaign states.

Personnel are currently seeking seat plaque purchases to raise funds for its renovated sea turtle hospital.

Each plaque will be personalized with an inscription. Once the order is placed, buyers will receive an email from Sea Turtle Inc. asking for their seat plaque inscription. Then, a photo will be sent to the buyer to be viewed when the seat plaque arrives. The process takes about three to four weeks from the time it’s purchased.

“Your contributions to our Capital Campaign allow us to better serve our sea turtles and visitors,” the campaign states. “We strive to improve the conditions of our recovering and resident sea turtles and further contribute to the conservation of sea turtle populations worldwide.”

For more information about sponsorship opportunities or to make a donation to the campaign, visit www.seaturtleinc.org.

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September 28, 2020 at 03:06AM

Sea Turtle Inc. enters final phase of 2020 Capital Campaign - Monitor



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