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Extraordinary Sea Animals Photos Winners Of Ocean Photography Awards - Forbes


For its inaugural contest, the Ocean Photography Awards has honored photographers across six categories covering a cross-section of amazing undersea photography dealing with conservation, adventure, exploration and the extraordinary beauty of the sea.

The overall winner, declared Ocean Photographer of the Year, is the Canadian photographer Nadia Aly with her fluid image (below) of a congregation of mobula rays in the clear waters off Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The award includes £5,000, among other prizers.

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The Ocean Photography Awards, presented by Oceanographic Magazine is “a celebration of our blue planet and a platform to shine a light on the threats facing the ocean,” explain the organizers.

“Nadia Aly’s winning photograph mesmerized all seven of our judges, and it’s easy to see why – it’s a beautiful image that captures the vibrancy of life in the ocean,” said Will Harrison, editor of Oceanographic Magazine. “These Awards are about the ocean at large, whether seen through the lens of a scuba-diving conservationist, an adventurous surfer or a free-diving explorer.”


Aly is an award-winning wildlife photographer, with a focus on underwater marine life. Her primary goal is to educate people about the diverse populations of sea creatures in the ocean.

“Mobula rays are incredibly sensitive to movement and sound,” the photographer explains. “So I took this image while free-diving.”

Henley Spiers is an award-winning photographer who has featured regularly in the international press, including The Sunday Times and Der Spiegel, as well as on multiple magazine covers.

More than 3,000 images were submitted by professional and amateur photographers from around the world, including some well-known names in the world of oceanographic photography.

Prizes and commendations, including £1,000 awards, were handed out in categories covering conservation, exploration, adventure, young photographers, community choice and collective portfolio.

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The awards are organized in partnership with SeaLegacy, a collective of photographers focused on ocean conservation that offers a year-long residency to the photographer winning the Collective Portfolio Award.

Shane Gross is a Canadian marine conservation photojournalist and Emerging League member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He is currently based in The Bahamas working to conserve queen conch, Nassau grouper, seagrass and mangrove habitats, among others.

Two widowed penguins seemingly comfort one another as they gaze upon Melbourne's lights. "The photo is one of those photos that you couldn't have planned if you tried, the photographer said. “I went there to take images of the penguin colony and intended to capture a photograph which shows the pressures that human settlement/infrastructure can have on wild animal populations."

“This image is so much more. It communicates togetherness and love and I am very happy that it has reached many hearts around the world."

A Steller sea lion inquisitively peers into the photographer’s dome port on Hornby Island in Canada’s British Columbia.

Steller sea lions are listed as ‘near threatened.’

The silky tentacles of a brightly-colored Magnificent Anemone sway in surging water, exposing Maldivian anemone fish in the Laamu Atoll of the South Maldives.

Paddle boarders float above a reef at sunset. “This image is one of a series of images aimed at demonstrating the innate bond humans have with the ocean, whether we are physically in it or just floating on the surface,” says photographer Grant Thomas. “In creating this picture, timing was everything; I had to shoot exactly at low tide to be close enough to the reef, while simultaneously capturing the sun as it hit the horizon.”

A free-diving instructor waits for his student to return from a dive below Cenote Angelita’s microbial cloud in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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Extraordinary Sea Animals Photos Winners Of Ocean Photography Awards - Forbes



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