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American Manufacturers Fight Back in a Red Sea of Masks - PRNewswire


JACKSON, Ohio, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Eight months after the boats arrived from China with container loads of unregulated face masks, a shroud of confusion still looms over what masks are best to wear, and for whom.

The panic of price gouging, counterfeit products and denial that followed medical mask shortages in March and April of 2020, has continued its havoc in a different way in early 2021, with unclear messaging on required layers of protection dominating the airwaves. 

While there is reasonable understanding that multilayer and filtration masks are more protective, misuse of terminology in the space continues to create confusion among buyers seeking quality masks from reputable suppliers. 

Market dis-information and access to verified products remains the greatest challenge, as coveted N95s are still listed by the CDC as reserved products.

With the hot topic to double mask, multilayer masks including surgical, KN95 and N95 Respirators are coming back into the forefront. Reinvigorating the trend to wear more layers is helping Americans to understand they need to upgrade to better protection.  Sadly, people are now looking for KN95 masks made in USA.

Phoenix Quality Manufacturing ("PQM") of Ohio, a U.S. manufacturer of multilayer Civilian and Surgical Masks, is trying to help fill that gap by providing American masks that are alternatives to the Chinese respirator standard - KN95, while still allowing the N95s to be reserved for higher priority buyers. 

PQM cofounder Laurence Kalinsky, California says, "With so many options and conflicting public messages, U.S. residents are still scrambling to buy the right products, but we do know that 'Respiratory' masks are scientifically proven to filter micron sized particles that linger for a long time in the air."

Kalinsky, was one a group of individuals that identified the need for American production to be brought back to U.S. Soil: "Before 2020, 70% of the worlds masks were made in China. 90% of medical masks were manufactured there, including almost all the big players' in the N95 mask space. So it really isn't a surprise why the American supply chain is currently suffering."

The confusion now is verified KN95 masks. While American manufacturers have rallied across the country to produce Surgical Masks under an EUA and N95 masks, certification from NIOSH takes time.  The FDA has a short list of compliant foreign KN95 manufacturers as well as identified manufacturers that have been removed because they did not meet standard.

There are strict rules to promote non-NIOSH masks in the U.S., especially for manufacturers with pending submissions. In contrast, foreign manufacturers and distributors with landed products continue to tout "whitelisted" & FDA approved KN95s.  With a short list, most of these claims are rebuked quickly.  This means they can't use any of the claims for promotion and packaging. Many are likely the counterfeit KN95 masks that China tried to intercept before they were distributed across the world.  The solution, is to find North American sourced product. 

PQM is calling on the prioritization of U.S. Manufacturers. It is time to streamline the messaging. It is time to talk about the best available masks to wear that are being made by factories dedicated to putting American products in the hands of Americans. U.S. respiratory face masks are available, and if we support American manufacturers we can help create jobs, and spur the economy in a way not seen since the public works programs implemented under Roosevelt.

For more information on Phoenix Quality Manufacturing's Southern Ohio Factory visit https://phoenixqualitymanufacturing.com

SOURCE Phoenix Quality MFG LLC

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American Manufacturers Fight Back in a Red Sea of Masks - PRNewswire



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